Delicious Drip: Heathen Child.

Despite the fact humble blogger can’t glance at its cover art for too long without getting some serious willies, Grinderman–for those not in the know, its Nick Cave’s recent project–is out with a brand new track “Heathen Child”, which will appear on Grinderman’s second studio record, aptly titled Grinderman 2.

“Heathen Child” is filled with heavy riffs and plenty of, well, slop and rip and scum a la “No Pussy Blues”. Anyways, its close to that. Nick Cave works you through ere heathen woman, who will basically chew you up and spit you out. He moans it, too.

The 7-inch single (featuring a b-side “Super Heathen Child” featuring Robert Fripp on mind bending guitars) will drop 9/6. Grinderman 2 will follow on 9/14.

Gobble, get excited.

[Grinderman – Heathen Child.]

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