Addictions: Among the Gold.

Last year, a tiny, under the radar EP, Among the Gold, was released; it contained six delicious 19th century Americana parlor songs, all duets courtesy Will Oldham, aka Bonnie Prince Billy, and a member of his touring band, Cheyenne Mize.

And now, with much reverie, the label has cleared the EP for free download.

So, if you missed it the first time around, do go download it for yourself.

Humble blogger just adores her some Will Oldham; he’s so brilliant really–one minute, he’s throwing down some of the best remixes of the year, the next, he’s whispering to me in his chilling drawl.

The 6 tunes are so haunting, feel a bit used, and are the perfect accompaniyment for any moments of sadness or quiet reading on the porch. It’s really a fitting record for the first cold days of fall, but we can’t really be choosy, for we’re lucky enough to have it as is.

[Will Oldham and Cheyenne Mize – Silver Threads.]

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