Delicious Drip: Lovers’ Carvings.

There’s always room for a delicious drip of yore; even a year on, Bibio’s “Lovers’ Carvings” is perfect for a day in which humble blogger needs some pep in step and a little inspiration to make up for days lost to avoidance of the grind.

The British producer, given name Stephen Wilkinson, makes delicious folk/electronica, and if you missed his work the first time around, this is a delicious discovery for you.

Check out 2009’s Ambivalent Avenue, which features the aforementioned tune, as well as The Apple and the Tooth–which came out the same year and features a handful of new tracks and a bunch of remixes, including a redo of this delicious drip by Leatherette.

[Bibio- Lovers’ Carvings.]

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