Delicious Drip: Groove Me.

Have a first listen to the new Maximum Balloon track featuring Theophilus London, “Groove Me” (courtesy Some Kind of Awesome).

P&C has written about Maximum Balloon a bit of late–its Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio fame’s latest project, and he features a whole host of delicious artists to help him out on his tracks.

What’s more, we featured “Tiger” on our first podcast, no. 1, so go back and listen if you missed it the first time around.

And, to bring this whole thing full circle, P&C podcast no. 2, which will come out in 8 days, features a Theophilus London tune humble blogger has had on repeat of late, so ahem, stay tuned…

(Note: you can subscribe to the P&C podcast via itunes, or gander through our features here.)

[Maximum Balloon feat. Theophilus London – Groove Me.]

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