Delicious Drip: Suicide Dream 2.

It’s music to make…er, love, to, no?

Humble blogger has never tried to hide any profound love for all things sexy r&b love tunes of the early 90s. It’s my bread and butter many a day, for sure.

And there couldn’t be a more exciting artist than lo-fi r&b’s How to Dress Well, which has really come into some serious steam in the blogosphere this year for the gorgeous atmospheric, ambiet r&b which makes many a reference to those giants of yore.

How to Dress Well’s tracks are brilliantly mixed and replete with those nods to 90s r&b sex-drenched tunes, while spinning a decidedly lo-fi bedroom pop slant on all of it, all while creating a backdrop of absolutely chilling soundscapes. It can leave you feeling relaxed, sexy, breathless, frightened, and downright mesmerized.

P&C caught wind of the brilliance through mastermind Tom Krell’s blog, in which he regularly donated tracks to humble readers on the reg. Now, his self-released Can’t See My Own Face/The Eternal Love 2 record, a collection of 5 tracks laced with all the afforemenentioned, is rocking all you little fucking hipsters (true story).

Where once friends used to tease ere humble blogger’s quiet love of Shai, Ready for the World, and Keith Sweat, has now been filled with a respectable decade and a new need to feel sexy in your drainpipes.

So feel sexy and pick up this record. Gobble another track, below.

[How to Dress Well – Suicide Dream 2.]

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