Delicious Drip: Everybody Loves the Sunshine.

Seu Jorge, known for tracks he contributed to The Life Acquatic and City of God, is releasing a new record with Almaz, which covers traditional Brazilian tunes and introducing a new spin of psychedelia, samba, and traditional soul.

It’s deliciously laid back and perfect for summer. Not much more needs to be said, humble blogger just asks that you get into this groove, because its downright easy to digest.

You can check out more about the Seu Jorge and Almaz project here. The new record is apparently being produced by Mario C. of Beastie Boys fame. All sounds right to me.

The  self-titled album drops 7/27. They will play Boston’s new Royale on 7/31.

[Seu Jorge and Almaz – Everybody Loves the Sunshine.]

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