On a bender, again…

Even several months on, this amazing collaboration betwixt The Morning Benders and a whole host of musician friends–including, but not limited to John Vanderslice and Girls–never fails to keep me positively upbeat and a wee bit abnormally smiley.

The San Francisco based band released their sophomore LP Big Echo this March, and its been a constant repeat for P&C much of this spring; lead vocalist and main songwriter Chris Chu is absolutely magical, and beautiful really…

…I hate when women (or men!) get all mushy about boys (or girls!) in bands but honestly, C.C. is downright adorable and I daresay, without knowing him, he skews my type entirely based on adorableness and the mention of Phil Spector’s “wall of sound” alone. And I’m sure loads have uttered the phrase, “Chris Chu, will you have my babies? Can I have yours?”

And when he croons of “Your body”…doesn’t the mind, it wander.

So certainly, this is all the reason you need to go on a total Morning-Bender, right? I thought so.

Anywhoooo, The Big Echo is a grand album; its filled with nothing but delicious chamber pop and plenty of strings. The entire record would be the perfect Sunday morning lay about in post-coital bliss sort of background fodder. I can envision it so clearly. And no doubt, it certainly helps that Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor had a hand in producing this record.

And for all the above reasons, you should be watching this video 7.6 times a week for a grand total of 52.1866667 minutes of pure bliss.

Wow, nerd.

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