Undiscovered ’til Now: Falty, for sure.

Thanks to a relatively free night and early morning and Nialler9, I actually got a chance to catch up on some music listening in the last hours and am pleased to say there have been many delicious discoveries.

But one really impressed; New Haven-born, Manhattan-based d.j. FaltyDL, real name Drew Lustman, who creates some awesome dub-step inspired remixes.

Thank you FaltyDL. Thank you.

In 2009, Lustman put out two sets of tunes filled with genres like dubstep, two step, and even jazz; the lp Love is a Liability, and an ep, Bravery. I have since scooped up as much as I can to work through; how did I miss this, really?

Currently working on remixes for Mount Kimbie and xx, P&C is absolutely sold on his remix of “Serged”. It will appear on a two-part Mount Kimbie remixes EP.

Enjoy this delicious remix, and be sure to check out more of FaltyDL’s shit. It’s immense.

[Mount Kimbie – Serged (FaltyDL Remix).]

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