Tight, alright…

I’m in quite a funk-tified mood, kittens. Humble blogger just scored one of the “tightest” lps and can’t wait to hear flick of needle in groove.

If you are unawares of the “Tighten’ Up”, I don’t quite know how you’ve managed to make it this far in life. A hit from the amazing funk band, Archie Bell and the Drells, the “Tighten’ Up” is a dance everyone should not only know, but attempt to do, at some point, whether the hip goes out or not.

And what would come to be known as one of their most famous hits wasn’t even pushed in the beginning. Archie and the Drells formed in Houston sometime during the mid-1960s; in 1967, they signed with Ovide and recorded tracks, including “Tighten’ Up” and “She’s My Women”.

After pressing “Tighten’ Up”, the Drells promoter attempted to push the flipside of the record, but was urged to take another look at “Tighten’ Up”; a year later, it would be a smash.

Of course, there’s one performance of “Tighten’ Up” on the interwebs; its just unfortunate how poor its quality.

In honor of my exciting grab, tighten it up, will you?

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