Amble through the week with this. Yes, please.

As P&C ambles through the week nicely, humble blogger has been taking in, quite religiously in fact, Yeasayer’s sophomore record, Odd Blood, which was released in February.

The brilliantly computer-driven album from Brooklyn’s own psychedelic-folk-electro act, featuring a number of delicious disco beats, is a standout for 2010; it features a whole host of complex tunes and its quite a trip, despite clocking in at just under 40 some odd minutes of tunes. What’s more, its definitely more upbeat than All Hour Cymbals and has less toss offs than the debut record, which is splendid indeed.

The tracks meander this way and that; however, “Ambling Alp”, “I Remember”, and “Madder Redder” are all standouts and have been on constant repeat in work the past few days.

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