Volume II: Spending the day with She & Him.

Might P&C suggest you spend the day with She & Him.

No, not those two random people sitting to your left–Volume II, the latest musical endeavor of the loverly adorable Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, a deliciously sweet collection of indie pop tunes about longing, love, and the like.

Thanks to NPR, you can stream all the tracks off the record here. The physical release will drop March 23 and its light, airiness is the perfect accompaniment to usher in spring. “Thieves” is as haunting as the entire thing gets, and that’s a stretch, for sure.

Deschanel wrote all of the tunes on the record, with M. Ward arranging and producing, so its certainly got her sweet, whimsy stamp all over it. But who wouldn’t want a bit of her, really?

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