Undiscovered ’til Now: Cate (C’est!) Le Bon.

Me, Oh My, this set of tunes has really helped P&C get through some busy work for my other love today; the background soundtrack courtesy Cate Le Bon, a beautifully delicate folk-inspired singer who will perform at this week’s SXSW.

Le Bon’s debut record, Me Oh My, was released in 2009 but will be available stateside via The Control Group on May 4; the album creates this really relaxed vibe because the tunes are minimalistic inspired 60s psych rock folk. If you like Nico, you’re sure to love the Welsh-born Cate Le Bon’s distinct vocal style, too.

P&C were first peaked by her guest vocals for Neon Neon’s 2008 track “I Lust U”, which was devilishly delicious but for some reason, Cate Le Bon remained a bit under this here blog’s listening radar. That’s until portions of Me Oh My started collecting in the inbox and since then, P&C hasn’t looked back.

Her vocals are incredibly haunting, and the subject matter of most of her tunes–death and the inevitable reality that existence is not, in fact, permanent–is equally dark.

She has previously released a Welsh-language EP, Edrych yn Llygaid Ceffyl Benthyg, in 2008, as well as a double A-side single, “No One Can Drag Me Down/ Disappear” the year before.

“Shoeing the Bone” is a perfect single for Me Oh My. Apparently, the music video, according to Cate Le Bon’s website, will feature “horses, a skull, some bacon and a lot of red shower gel.”

Interested? P&C is.

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