Kisses all around…

P&C can’t stop blowing kisses…at welp, KISSES, a delicious L.A.-based disco pop duo who makes these addictive, washed out sounding four-to-the-flour tunes that make you want to bob.

KISSES, comprised of Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson, are currently prepping their debut LP, The Heart of the Nightlife. The duo’s name is a nod to disco producer Alec R. Costandinos, who gained quite a cult following with his “Love & Kisses” project.

The entire “The Heart of the Nightlife” record is an homage to Kivel’s once day job as a travel writer, in which he reviewed exotic locales and hotels; tracks like “Bermuda” (the duo’s first single, which will drop April 27) and “Women of the Club” highlight his experience.

And it’s certainly all caught the eye of humble blogger, who has their kickoff single “Bermuda” on repeat in work today.

So flipped this on in the dead of March and envision yourself in Bermuda; trust me when I tell you not only will you his repeat to escape all the mundane work winter stuff, but you’ll savor some absolutely yummy pop sensibility.


[KISSES – Bermuda.]

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