End times? Hope not.

Ever since I was a wee lass in high school, I have found comfort and addiction in alt rockers The Eels; I can recall the first time I heard them–nestled into the basement of my then boyfriend’s house, where he housed all his little guitars, we became entranced in Electro Shock Blues, their 1998 record featuring “Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor” and “3 Speed”, two tracks that solidified my love for their tunes, and for youth.

It seems like eons ago since those simple after school days getting lost in music; and it pretty much is. Life moves much faster these days; work day in, day out, and little time to recapture that innocence. But unlike being 14, the Eels continue on. And “Fresh Feeling” still stands as one of my favorite tunes.

Enter their brand new record, End Times, which I hope is not a sign of things to come–but it certainly is fitting for the aforementioned loss of childhood. Released this past January, End Times is the Eels 8th studio record, and its been constantly on repeat for P&C this winter.

You must check out this record; even if you aren’t an Eels fan, or haven’t been to date. “The Mansions of Los Feliz” is a ridiculously excellent track and its so addictive I could hit repeat over and over. Their first single, “A Line in the Dirt”, is also an intriguing tune, which boasts a March 1 physical release date.

The entire record was pretty much recorded on a four track, which gives it this textured, layered shine. The production is delicious, indeed.

So check…and maybe like me, it will help you get back to that childhood space, where everything that was a disaster was trivial, and listening to music after school in a friend’s basement was a reality.

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