Paid in full last night. For sure.

Last night, P&C had the pleasure of being absolutely blasted by some of the most brilliant jazz, blues, funk infusion.


Galactic, on the first night of a new tour to support their latest record, Ya-ka-May (which drops in record shops February 9), wowed gig-goers to The Paradise with a cattle of guesters that included the likes of New Orleans music legend and blues extraordinaire, Cyril Neville, and Corey Henry, of the Rebirth Brass Band, supporting both on instruments (Neville on percussion and Henry on trombone, obviously) and vocals.

You can check out an amazing video of Galactic and Cyril Neville jamming it out and practicing for this tour, which was on its first night here in Boston as part of a string of dates from here on out through Spring. What’s more, check out this amazing trombone duel betwixt Henry and Trombone Shorty (featured on the upcoming Galactic record) at Bonnaroo in 2009. It’s sick.

Highlights included a brand new track betwixt Galactic, Neville, and Henry, as well as the brilliant cover of Eric B. & Rakim’s hip-hop classic “Paid in Full”, boasting Henry on mic. What’s more, at the energized heat of the first set ending, Henry waded into the crowd stage left, climbed atop one of the back bars, and worked his trombone at new heights. On his way back stageside, humble blogger was nearly beheaded by his brass.

At least that’d be a great way to go. Death by trombone.

You can gobble up two new tracks of Ya-Kay-May over at the band’s website–“Heart of Steal” feat. Irma Thomas and “Dark Water” featuring John Boutte. The album is pretty groundbreaking–bringing together New Orleans musical brass, from iconic 1960s artists to the best up and comers, like Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews–creating an astounding blend of jazz, blues, gospel, r&b, and brass band sound.

And if you want to get some soul-injected, blues-inspired funk-driven basslines, wow, you better see this band.

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