A pile of weapons.

Exciting news, kitties. The ethereal, experimental tracks beat again.

Son Lux, real name Ryan Lott, has announced he will release a new EP next month. Weapons, which will drop February 16, is a digital-only effort by the New York-based composer to take the elements from one track, ahem “Weapons”, featured on his At War with Walls and Mazes record, and build upon it. Apparently, he spent countless days, weeks, months, playing off the idea of chanting and repetition, all the while composing tunes for dance companies from New York to Paris.

To have an EP derived from one single source is pretty intriguing, for sure. You can check out what Ryan has to say about the entire thing over at his blog. You can also find a whole pile more about the record at its label, Anticon.

Creating some pretty intriguing experimental tunes that quite literally teeter on the pop-sounding edge, Son Lux released his debut record, At War with Walls and Mazes, in March 2008, after signing to the brilliant Bay-Area record label, Anticon (which P&C has blogged about before, if you’re interested, anyways…).

Of course, what would all this be without a sample? You can heart “Weapons V” here. It’s pretty haunting–and hazy–for sure.

Read what P&C has written in the past about Son Lux, too, for good measure.

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