For 7 Saturdays, I’ll curl up with this record…

Some days, there’s nothing like a bit of ambient, minimalist electronic to get you through.

Enter Seven Saturdays, formerly Firs, who recently announced a brand new EP, Seven Saturdays, a self-released collection of brilliantly orchestrated tracks.

The brainchild behind the project, Jonathan D. Haskell, a multi-instrumentalist, evokes the feeling haunting loneliness thanks to the sparse beats and even sparser vocals.

P&C would love to curl up with this EP on a wind-whipping Boston winter weekend night, hot tea spiked with whiskey and lemon in hand. Each track is so intricate, it makes you want to listen again and again to find every nuance. And it doesn’t feel forced.

The Seven Saturdays EP dropped this week, so be sure to gobble it up.

[Seven Saturdays – Secret Life.]
[Seven Saturdays – A Beautiful Day.]

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