I never said I was clever…

The loverly Mr. Jarvis Cocker has recently released a pretty intriguing video for the title track from his sophomore effort “Further Complications”.

In true Jarvis fashion, the Stéphanie Di Guisto-directed clip pretty much just features the man pushing around the camera, bottled up if you will, close up shots, swinging from pipes, and trying to escape it all in true complicated Cocker fashion.

If that wasn’t enough, Mr. Cocker as recently been working a whole bunch of those “installation” sessions he loves so much; and I can’t stop watching his recent performance at Galerie Chappe, Paris–which featured about 7 tracks, some yoga soundtracking, and of course, the obvious hosting gig. You can check out one of my favorites, “Slush” here, day 5 of his entire showdown at Montmarte with “I Never Said I was Deep”, and his final day peformance of “Leftovers” in the doorway (threat of rain, you know).

You can delve into the whole “Jarvis Cocker as Installation” art here, of course.

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