The echo on the drive back was never met…

P&C oft reviewer and good friend Esteban Miguel and I took a roadtrip out of state to see my friend Jon Ericson’s band, Echo and Drake, support the High Dials at a rousing gig in Hartford, Conn. last night. While the ride down featuring Esteban’s brilliant deeps and falsetto singing skills, particularly during the portion in which he displayed his guilty love for girlish pop tunes amidst a backdrop of redheaded beauts like Florence and the Machine, we can finally, and officially, declare, together, than Jon E. should create a little side-project of sex-drenched, funky jammers reminiscent of Prince…and to get me and Esteban’s newly formed band, Shower Seirons, to back his beauteously high range. Esteban Miguel reviews further…without babble…


The name immediately raises expectations of a fusion of Echo and the Bunnymen and Nick Drake. That wasn’t too far from the case.

At Sully’s Pub in Hartford, Conn., Echo.and.Drake showed a sheen that transcended the small bar atmosphere. (Sully’s Pub has a rumpus room in the attic complete with a pool table and leather couches.) Jon Ericson wasn’t afraid to go falsetto and channeled singers such as Fran Healy of Travis and a bit Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie.

Another noticeable strength is the guitar playing of Rich Devito. We’re talking chiming guitar that isn’t afraid to standout and add texture to the songs – not beat the listener senseless.

And it was all supported with a strong and “funky” rhythm section made up of Dave Zerio (channeling a former editor of Jenna and ours at the Boston Herald, Jules Crittenden, on drums) and bass player Chris Foley.

Under the dim blue stage lighting, the band already seemed self-assured and ready for a larger audience.

File Under: If were to offer one semi-drunken suggestion – how about an ironic cover song thrown into the mix. I love those.

(Case in point: here, or hither.)

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