The white boom heads our way…

In anticipation of the great “white” plumes of winter headed New England’s way, I can’t quite stop spinning White Water, Winter Bloom, the brilliant new LP by the lovely Alex Church, the master behind Sea Wolf, an LA-based indie outfit making absolutely deliciously enticing tracks that reek of sadness, longing, and string.

Standout track, and first single, “Wicked Blood”, will blow you away. It’s got this pretty robust orchestration reminiscent of all the things I love about a sea of other indie bands–and Church makes it feel easy.

The entire affair is just that–an intriguing, albeit anxious and mysterious experience, but nothing beats the deep stringed angst on “Wicked Blood”. And despite this not being the actual track on a refused to be named upcoming teen-obsession flick, it might as well be…what for the name and all.

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