Did not chose him?

Why can’t I stop listening to the spring EP from the beloved Florence + the Machine?

A Lot of Love, A Lot of Blood is the genius of South-London indie alt-pop artist Florence Welch; but what screams splendid love and blood out of this record is the deeply soulful edge to Ms. Welch, as seen on the entire EP (released only in the states, April 2009).

But what has really hooked me of late his her brilliant, haunting cover of Cold War Kids’ “Hospital Beds”, which happens to be my favorite track they’ve ever done (off Robbers and Cowards, fall 2006). Florence manages to put a unique spin on the track (less alt-country vibe with a twang or two and more stripped down soul drenched sadness) while keeping it so recognizable you’d think she may have done the original.

But there’s the brilliance.

Decide for yourself? Oh, and pick up the record. Now.

[Florence + the Machine – Hospital Beds (Cold War Kids cover).]

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