Beth Ditto makes this pleasure not so temporary.

It’s been seriously ‘cruel intentions’ for humble blogger to get back on the bandwagon and write about all those pleasurous tunes frequently spun this summer–and you can bet these bits of musical greatness are no temporary passing enjoyment.

If you haven’t already scooped up Simian Mobile Disco’s sophomore LP, Temporary Pleasures, you will experience no extended–nor fill in–enjoyment of any kind, for sure. P&C mentioned the splendid track “Audacity of Huge” featuring Chris Keating of Yeasayer fame previous, but clearly, has been holding out on you, my one reader.

What do I mean? Welp, in an nutshell, Beth Ditto kills it. SMD feature The Gossip front woman and fireball on their latest release, for track “Cruel Intentions”, which feels not only so absolutely sexy, but its as if SMD should make Ditto a featured member from here on out its so buttery smooth and natural.

Make that determination for yourself. After blasting it recently for a friend, she said “Wow. wow. wow. Call me up, Beth, we’ll hang out after this one…”

Ditto, to that.

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