Frozen lemons.

If you like to spend time in a cool garage during this humidity, then perhaps you should have thought about Pittsburg’s own Modey Lemon, who serve up a deliciously tasty bit of gritty rock perfect for summering in garages.

The outfit, who often create chaotic, fast-paced live performances, will support the Arctic Monkeys in several one-off stateside gigs in the coming and past days–which includes a round tonight at The Paradise in Boston.

And it seems a much more fitting act than most openers for the blistering frozen monkeys; the Arctic Monkeys, in recent years, have found their edge–with louder, bang up tunes that really have a sense of spitfire rock and seduction.

Cue the Modey Lemon.

There’s plenty of it, too. The band has released four full-length records since they formed circa 1999 to 2000–the latest being 2008’s Season of Sweets. They’ve done gigs with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, White Stripes, and Dinosaur Jr., to name a few. Now, add Arctics to that list–and a bit more exposure, perhaps.

So if you are out to the gig tonight, be sure to check out the blues punk garage rock inspired by Modey Lemon. And be sure to gobble up some tracks below.

Enjoy. See you there.

[Modey Lemon – Caligula.]
[Modey Lemon – Become a Monk.]

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