Undiscovered ’til now: Coeur de Pirate!

Having time of late to really take to new artists, and looking for something that not only goes swell alongside the bang of thunder and the spatter of rain, but something that soothes the drenched spirit, P&C has found it: 19 year old Canadian songwriter Beatrice Martin, stage name Coeur de Pirate.

Light and airy, Martin has been playing the piano since she was a little girl; and her debut full-length record, Coeur de Pirate, features little effort to produce some soft sentiment; it’s a remarkable trip through songwriting, french lyrics, and a splash of French folk with the introduction to instruments like banjo, accordian, and various other strings on a number of the album’s tracks.

Meanduring through bits of bedroom inspired indie pop and the aforementioned folk, Beatrice delivers complex, playful piano-driven tunes that feel far more mature than her 19 years. Favorite tracks include the melodic “Commes des Enfants” and “C’etait Salement Romantique”, which will have you at its opening piano elements and have you waltzing around the room wishing you had a partner to waltz along with. It’s sentimental but exudes nothing short of sweet happiness.

It’s no wonder this young Quebec-based songwriter is up for a Polaris prize this year; her debut puts her a cut above a lot of the rest.


[Coeur de Pirate – Commes Des Enfants.]
[Coeur de Pirate – C’etait Salement Romantique.]

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