After a listen of this, there’s no need to run for your grave.

I am totally punked out. Thanks in part to an exhausting work week, as well as courtesy this absolutely diabolical Boston rain out.

And the best way to let this punked out mood fester as the rains pour on, is to grab the experimental punk off the record shelf, blast it, and throw your body around in the hopes that the rain will be so fearful of your flailing body, it will recede…for good.

Welp, at least humble blogger has got these at the ready. Cue The Mae Shi, which is an L.A. based outfit I’ve been enjoying for a couple of years now but haven’t reached toward in quite some time.

Alas, thanks to the latest mixtape from a NonPretentious Dot Com contributor (of which P&C served up Nutrition for a couple of weeks back…when the weather was swell and I couldn’t think of anything but freshly squeezed juiced and delicious fruits), I’m digging back into The Mae Shi, an L.A.-based experimental punk meets noise-core outfit that has already produced a pretty descent catalog of material since they formed back in 2002.

Their first EP, in 2003, was passed out to friends and bardered for mixtapes and the like, which is pretty cool if you ask me. Who doesn’t love a mixtape? (…see, this is all coming full circle, isn’t it?)

But there is no better album to turn to–particularly if you are a Mae Shi virgin–than last year’s HLLYH. Stand out tracks include “Run to Your Grave” and “Lamb and the Lion”. The lush, noisy and at times messy sounds will draw you in for sure. Apparently The Mae Shi cite their inspiration from the varied experience of the remix and the flow of hip hop production, which can always mean a good thing in my book.

So enjoy a bit of Mae Shi to get you through this weather. It helps, so click and breath out.

[The Mae Shi – Run to Your Grave.]
[The Mae Shi – Lamb and the Lion.]

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