Scraping this one from the sky…

The lovely Paul Banks, a one lead singer, lead guitarist and lyricist of Interpol, is finally doling out on that little side-project, solo-ing thing he mentioned a whole pile of time ago.

Using the moniker Julian Plenti, the album, to be called Skyscraper, will be released August 4 by the brilliant Matador label.

Apparently Banks has been performing gigs under the Plenti name for years–with some tracks featured on the record having been written a decade ago despite the fact Banks literally put this album together just this year, and in the last few months, at that.

Expect tunes sounding similar to the distinct, haunting Interpol aesthetic, as well as some straight up guitar rock ones, too. It will be interesting to find out how well these two mesh together to form one body of work, but I pray its stellar.

What’s more, Interpol announced in March that it was currently in studio working on their fourth go around. Will be interested to see how it all shakes out…

You can get a “taste” of the record over at Julian Plenti’s space…it’s on loop. Sounds like its got quite some robust orchestral instrumentation sans Sam Fogarino’s distinct drumming style. Intriguing…

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