Absolutely hyperballed these days…

Humble blogger has a serious problem. Ever the devoted fan of a one Karen O and her Yeah Yeah Yeahs, or heck…just Karen O, I absolutely cannot stop spinning the amazing, stripped, whimsy Bjork cover she mastered a couple years back.

O’s version of “Hyperballad” is just stunning; if you don’t enjoy this, shame on you. Apparently Karen O and co. sent Bjork a tape of the cover, but never heard word, and have likened it to “she didn’t get it”, rather than she didn’t like it. I’d say it’s a safe bet.

The acoustic take is brilliant, really, and you will certainly have it on repeat after one listen. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs performed it for Seattle radio as part of their “End Session”, back in 2004.

So gobble way and drool away. You know you want to.

[Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Hyperballad (Bjork cover).]
[Check out Karen O and Nick Zinner perform “Hyperballad” at an in-store for 2006 record Show Your Bones.]

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