Alone, lonely, but listening to this track.

Alex Maas, known for fronting the psychedelic driven Black Angels, has recently laid out a really intriguing little demo. While not generally a fan of the aforementioned band, humble blogger certainly respects what the collective whole is aiming to achieve musically.

But Alex Maas, thank you for this. “I’d Rather Be Lonely” is the brilliant track I’m mentioning, an Eddie Spencer cover and a decidedly meandering, an entirely sunny meets distinct melancholia take on the Candian soul stirrer, which has been categorized as “honeysuckle folk”, even though I’ve never heard such a genre descirption.

Either way, it’s working for Mr. Maas. Really. It’s certainly for the minimalist at heart, with churnings of a whole throwback style–something Maas has always done well. Despite making the rounds of late, there’s no word on whether this little demo is merely a one-off playful event, or in fact the swirlings of something greater as a solo or side project to The Black Angels.

Will keep ears open. In the meantime, please do enjoy this. Golf claps, Mr. Maas. Golf claps.

[Alex Maas (of Black Angels) – I’d Rather Be Lonely (Eddie Spencer cover; demo).]

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