Definitely not a zero.

Hot on the heels of news the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs record, It’s Blitz!, will see its release this coming week as opposed to April after their third studio record leaked to the internet, the band is now throwing a new bone at the listeners–a sneak peak video of the shooting of their new video for track “Zero”.

It is the first single for the band’s record. If you haven’t already heard most of “It’s Blitz!”, what are you waiting for; Karen O and co. does not disappoint. A transitional feeling record, Nick Zinner wows with loads of vintage synth and intriguing guitar manipulations, all while Karen drops the grunting, growling she’s become known for in favor of a more delicate side. None of it’s noisy or messy or cliche, and the album is glamorously polished without YYYs losing their New York garage style appear.

A smash.

Enjoy the new behind the scenes look at filming “Zero” here.

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