Undiscovered ’til Now: Blk Jks Uno.

Lately humble blogger has been checking South African outfit Blk Jks (pronounced Black Jacks), currently working material for the Strictly Canadian Label and banging some pretty inspired new types of tunes–this intriguing blend of funk-driven beats, afro-inspired avant garde, dub, electro, and heck, even metal. There’s some brilliant fuzz, too, and well-placed. It’s dirty at times, polished in others, creating this unique listening experience that’s been missing in my pleasures of late, quite frankly.

It’s no wonder Blk Jks were discovered by famed music producer and artist Diplo. And thanks to his intriguing and forward-moving musical predilections, you too can enjoy yourself the unique sounds of Blk Jks; the band will release their debut EP, Mystery, on March 10.

There’s an intruging read I just caught in The Fader, if you want to delve into this band a bit more.

And after that, gobble up some bits, will you?

[Watch Blk Jks on “Open Bar with Fader” perform at Heathers.]
[Blk Jks do “Summertime” for Fader.]
[Blk Jks do “Lakeside”, their most buzzed about tune of yet and their first single (the visuals are just too cool not to include; mp3 below.]
[Blk Jks – Lakeside (mp3).]

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