Crack a bottle…

Exciting news. Iron and Wine, also known as the venerable Sam Beam, has announced details of his latest record, and it seems so delicious I could get quite drunk on his tunes.

The record is actually a double disc worth of material, called Around the Wall, and features a whole bunch of Iron and Wine rarities. Uber drools.

The tracklisting for the collection is as follows:

1. Dearest Forsaken 2. Morning 3. Loud As Hope 4. Peng! 33 5. Sacred Vision 6. Friends They Are Jewels 7. Hickory 8. Waitin’ For A Superman 9. Swans & The Swimming 10. Call Your Boys 11. Such Great Heights

1. Communion Cups & Someone’s Coat 2. Belated Promise Ring 3. God Made The Automobile 4. Homeward, These Shoes 5. Love Vigilantes 6. Sinning Hands 7. No Moon 8. Serpent Charmer 9. Carried Home 10. Kingdom Of The Animals 11. Arms Of A Thief 12. The Trapeze Swinger

Around the Wall will drop May 19.

Get excited, crack a bottle…

[Iron and Wine – Sodom, South Georgia.]

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