The 2020 Year in Review: a p&c + zanimal collaboration.

Even if this space was rather sparse and quiet this year, it was because rather than writing about the music, I was straight listening and live gigging it all. I went to so many shows; I bought a ton of albums. I churned out a mix each quarter. And in 2019, my partner Zanimal and […]

The 2018 Year in Review: A mixtape collaboration with Zanimal.

This year was pretty massive in music. There were so many standout tracks and I often found myself humbly wondering if the “album is dead” like the kids say these days. If this list of 55 tunes is any indication, tracks reign supreme–those total bangers you want to sink your teeth into over and over […]

The 2017 Year in Review: a mixtape collaboration with Zanimal.

Critics and listeners often pick apart the music women create, studying their personal lives and movements; the notion that women’s music comes from deep within the personal and that their lyrics can only be autobiographical is to greatly underscore their musicality, their inventiveness, their artistry. Ultimately, their imagination. But the women in music this year […]

Currently Listening: zanimal’s Mixtape Volume 29.

He kills it, once again. If you don’t know Zanimal’s mixtape series, and all of his other mixes, get on it. He’s my life partner in crime, and my in house taste maker. Get at it. It features tracks from Tei Shi, Actress, Busy P, Goldlink, Cashmere Cat, Yaeji, Clark, and Soulwax. We’ve featured some […]

Zanimal Mixedtape Series: Guest Mix by Yours Truly.

When Zanimal asked me to create a guest mix for this famed Mixedtape series, I didn’t hesitate to begin crafting mix after mix in my mind. And then, the election happened. And as a person of color, it rocked me to my core and devastated and depressed me in ways I didn’t think politics could. […]

Addictions: Zanimal’s MixedTape Series.

Volume 5 is a personal favorite, released about 2 weeks ago by my guy, and humbly on constant repeat. Zanimal is a gem. His mixes are boss. And he makes ’em amazing using a pretty basic set up in our house. Happy listening. It’s perfect for your weekend, promise.  

zanimal remembers…

I special guest mix from Zanimal featuring his favorite Bowie tracks. It’s a dark day for music fans; but Ziggy will love on. His music never dies. Enjoy.