Currently Listening: Kero Kero Bonito’s Bonito Generation.

Streaming over at the Hype Machine. This is the London trio’s debut full length. They’ll be in Cambridge at the Sinclair on Sunday, October 3o. Humbly loving track “Heard a Song” and “Trampoline”, which has been making the rounds for some weeks. Bonito Generation drops 10/21. Read P&C’s other humble coverage of Kero Kero Bonito, […]

The 2018 Year in Review: A mixtape collaboration with Zanimal.

This year was pretty massive in music. There were so many standout tracks and I often found myself humbly wondering if the “album is dead” like the kids say these days. If this list of 55 tunes is any indication, tracks reign supreme–those total bangers you want to sink your teeth into over and over […]

The 2017 Year in Review: a mixtape collaboration with Zanimal.

Critics and listeners often pick apart the music women create, studying their personal lives and movements; the notion that women’s music comes from deep within the personal and that their lyrics can only be autobiographical is to greatly underscore their musicality, their inventiveness, their artistry. Ultimately, their imagination. But the women in music this year […]

p&c podcast: no. 33

Spring is all about changes–renewal and sunny days. And while we hope for warmer climes and fresher days, so too, do we hope for singing birds and spins of new records. Enter podcast 33–a whole new batch of tunes we can’t, humbly speaking, stop playing here at the blog. These are, for sure, the tracks […]

p&c podcast: no. 29

Finally, no. 29 for your listening pleasure. Featuring some newer tunes I humbly can’t stop spinning, as well as some old favorites, particularly of the dancehall variety. It’s  perfect way to sashay into late fall–just make sure you have a cold beer or a stiff cocktail in hand. Rigamarole, of course, includes that the podcast […]

p&c: podcast no. 28.

It’s finally here. Podcast no. 28. It’s all about cranking those windows down and blasting what is on regular repeat, humbly, in my corner. Summer on the horizon means nothing but dance tunes and plenty of fun. This podcast definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither should you, this time of year. So skank […]

p&c podcast no. 23

It’s that time of random season, kids. Translation: humblest blogger has finally gotten her act together to produce another podcast. Number 23. As always, featuring tracks I just can’t stop spinning at the moment. Some of these aren’t new, new, hot off the presses, before the presses new, but they are killing my musical rotation […]